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robin hood (2010)
Avatar is on its way toward becoming a giant hit, and a major reason for all that cash is the 3D factor, allowing theater owners to charge more for tickets and offering a pretty strong reason for catching the movie in theaters rather than on DVD.

So once again, for what seems like the 10th time in the last 3 years, the 3D craze is on. According to The Wrap, Ridley Scott is pushing Universal to make a 3D version of his upcoming Robin Hood, despite the fact that the movie wasn't shot for 3D (though that would be a better explanation for all the shots of Robin pointing an arrow at the screen in the trailer).

There's also talks about re-releasing Terminator 2 in 3D, and of course Jackass 3D is on its way. Basically there's no reason not to put a movie in 3D, at least until they make an especially stupid decision-- My Dinner With Andre 3D!-- that makes us all realize it's just a gimmick for taking our money. Depending on how good an idea Ridley Scott has here, Robin Hood may turn out to be that particular Waterloo.

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