Robert De Niro Gets Back To His Gangster Ways In First Trailer For The Family

Starring in films like Goodfellas, Casino, The Untouchables, Once Upon A Time In Americaand The Godfather Part II, Robert De Niro has proven time and time again that he is at home in the gangster genre. And while he's starred in a few bad titles over the last few years, it's always good to see him come back home, and that sentiment can now be extended to Luc Besson's new crime thriller The Family (formerly known as Malavita), and today we have the first ever trailer for the film, which comes to us via Yahoo!

Before this preview hit I was somewhat confused about the tone that the project was striving for, and it looks as though Besson and his crew have gone with a lighter touch. The antics of the gangster family in witness protection definitely seem to be played up for laughs, but when things go bad it looks as though the film will be flipping back to drama. I also have to applaud the music selection, which includes "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow (which some of you may remember from the trailers for the Coen brothers' Burn After Reading) as well as "Feeling Good" by Muse.

Based on the book "Badfellas" by Tonino Benacquista, The Family centers on the Manzoni family, a mafia clan that has to go into witness protection when the patriarch, Giovanni (De Niro), testifies against his associates. Hiding as the Blakes, the family - which includes Giovanni's wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer), daughter Belle (Dianna Agron) and son Warren (John D'Leo) - moves to Normandy, France, but find it hard to let their old lifestyle habits change. Tommy Lee Jones co-stars in the film, and you can see the first poster for the movie below.

The Family Poster

Look for The Family in theaters on September 20th.

Eric Eisenberg
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