Robert De Niro And Shia LaBeouf Up For Spy's Kid, Which Is Not Spy Kids

Cinema has come so far. The thought of a film that features Robert De Niro sitting in a jail cell while Shia LaBeouf runs around doing things seems like the exact opposite of what makes for a compelling movie. But the future relies on the youth, right?

That’s one of the themes behind director D.J. Caruso’s next project, the espionage thriller Spy’s Kid, which The Hollywood Reporter states will be produced by IAM Entertainment. Both De Niro and LaBeouf are in negotiations to star, but it will all come down to the final script, which doesn’t yet have a writer. Should everything go according to plan, this will be LaBeouf and Caruso’s third team-up, after 2007’s breakout hit Disturbia and 2008’s ambitious-but-disappointing Eagle Eye. De Niro could definitely make this third time the charm.

Spy’s Kid is based on a six-part series of articles write by Bryan Denson for The Oregonian in 2011, and centers on the life of 20-year CIA veteran Jim Nicholson, who was convicted in 1996 of spying, and became the highest ranking military officer every convicted of espionage. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison, though in 2004, he began giving educating and giving advice to his youngest son Nathan, who fled his Army career and was in a fit of depression. Eventually, Nathan became a courier for his father’s continued spywork, selling secrets to Russians and embedding himself deeper into a dangerous world he wasn’t familiar with.

Grove-Atlantic won the bidding war for the publishing rights, and IAM secured a non-profit agreement for Nathan’s life rights, per his probation terms, as Denson is the only person ever granted an interview by Nathan. All that needs to be done now is get that script written and to change that name before Photoshopped mash-up posters of Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids start popping up.

Caruso recently finished his adaptation of Brock Cole’s young adult novel The Goats, which will probably get a release this year. LaBeouf, meanwhile, is in the Weather Underground thriller The Company You Keep with Robert Redford, while De Niro is back with Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell for his recently renamed ABSCAM drama American Hustle.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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