Robert Zemeckis Casts His Motion Capture Beatles For Yellow Submarine

Robert Zemeckis's motion-capture Yellow Submarine movie remains the most puzzling movie I'm forced to write about on a regular basis. Not only can I not fathom why you would remake Yellow Submarine 40 years after The Beatles broke up, but the logic of paying a fortune for the rights to Beatles songs and only getting the ones from Yellow Submarine-- a good album, but not their best by any stretch-- is completely mysterious.

And now that Zemeckis has announced the cast of actors who will portray the Fab Four in their motion-capture suits, my mind is pretty much boggled. THR reports that Cary Elwes, Dean Lennox Kelly, Peter Serafinowicz and Adam Campbell will fill in for George, John, Paul and Ringo, respectively. Elwes, of course, is Westley from The Princess Bride and the star of one of the original Saw films. The other actors will be harder to identify-- Kelly stars on the BBC Robin Hood series, Serafinowicz was presumably the only Brtish guy in Couples Retreat, and Campbell, poor thing, was in both Epic Movie and Date Movie.

To cap things off, the Beatles tribute Band the Fab Four will actually be the ones performing the songs, though actual Beatles songs will be used for the music. At this point it's clear that whatever Zemeckis is planning is far beyond my powers of comprehension, so I'm going to leave it be. I find it impossible to believe this can be good, but I've also run out of ways to express my disbelief.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend