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Robert Zemeckis has previously discussed making a sequel to the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and from what he says in a recent interview, it sounds like there's still a possibility of the film being made, if Disney's willing to give the script a chance. Things sound less likely for a Back to the Future 3D conversion.

Back in 2010, when Zemeckis spoke with MTV to talk about his ideas for a 3D Roger Rabbit sequel, he said the script was being worked on and he sounded confident that it's going to be great. MTV caught up with Zemeckis again recently to discuss a number of projects, and the topic of the planned Roger Rabbit sequel came up. From what he says, Disney's still considering the project. He also speaks about the possibility of converting the original film to 3D, which is an idea he doesn't seem interested in applying to Back to the Future. Also on the list of topics in the interview below are his thoughts on a 3D movie based on Philippe Petit's high-wire story.

It sounds like he'd be more interested in converting Roger Rabbit to 3-D, seeing the potential to pull the animation away from the live-action side of the film, but he doesn't see the point in converting Back to the Future to 3D. As for the Roger Rabbit sequel, from what Zemeckis says, it'll be a period piece, like the original film, so we shouldn't expect to see some of Disney's more recent animated characters dropping by, should the movie gets made. And the question of whether or not it will get made appears to be up in the air. Zemeckis says Disney's still thinking about it...
"I'm happy with the script. It's very good. It's written by the original writers, and it's good," he said. "[But Disney] is still thinking about it. If I were to do the sequel, it would be done just like the first one. It would look the same way, but we would present it in 3-D in its release. I would do all of the animation hand-drawn; 2-D, but using 3-D tools. It wouldn't be like Pixar 3-D. It wouldn't look like that."

As is the case with any sequel based on something from my childhood, it's hard to separate fond nostalgia and my own typically optimistic nature when it comes to ideas like these from general sequel wariness. Does Who Framed Roger Rabbit? need a sequel? No, probably not. But that doesn't mean there isn't potential in a follow-up if it's handled with care and there's a good story. We'll have to wait and see if Disney gives this one the green light.