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Director Robert Zemeckis has had an up and down kind of career. Sure he’s the man behind such greats as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, but he also produced Gothika, Ghost Ship, and his most recent utter flop Mars Needs Moms. While he hasn’t always produced greatness, his directorial skills are strong and we should be excited he’ll be working with real humans next rather than CGI zombies again.

According to Deadline, Zemeckis has dropped out of his directorial role on Replay. Jason Smilovic’s script, based on Ken Grimwood’s novel, was an interesting story about a man who at age 43 wakes up in the body of his 18-year-old self with all his memories still with him. This allows him to make decisions and travel paths he missed the first time around. It’s a pretty neat story, and one that Zemeckis would have probably done well with, but he's finally ready to move forward instead with Flight, which he and Denzel Washington had been preparing together.

Flight, from the mind of Real Steel scribe John Gatins, follows the life of a pilot after his is lauded as a hero for successfully landing an aircraft in distress. The problem is, it was the pilot’s drug and alcohol problem that put the plane in that situation in the first place, and as the investigation moves forward, he’s forced to play the hero role that he doesn’t think he deserves, all while the company tries to cover the truth up in fear that the bad publicity would kill the airline. Flight is currently looking at a fall start date.

We know Zemeckis can really handle character drama, but it has been a while since Cast Away, his last live action venture as director. But if he can reach back to a decade ago and deliver something personal and touching and not just a movie about a dude with a drug problem, we should get something special.