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Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers Gets Behind The Magic Catalogue

Robert Zemeckis’ production shingle, ImageMovers, has had some success partnering with Disney on Real Steel, the robot-boxing drama with Hugh Jackman in the lead. They are staying in the sci-fi/family mold for yet another project, and will tap an Ice Age scribe to get the job done.

Continental Drift screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been hired by Zemeckis’ team to pen The Magic Catalogue, according to Variety. The plot details are, as expected, thin though the trade does say that Catalogue will work off of a premise cooked up by story artist Chris Applehans that centers around teenage characters who “inadvertently acquire a cache of high-tech weapons the likes of which have never been seen.”

Given that scenario, it’s easy to see why Zemeckis would be marginally interested in Magic Catalogue. The filmmaker always has been at the forefront of cutting-edge special effects, and tricks and tools like that can only help this story as it develops. In fact, if Applehans nails the script for Magic Catalogue, don’t be surprised if Zemeckis steps up and decides that he’d like to direct this picture.

Until then, the Back to the Future director has his hands full prepping the release of his upcoming drama Flight, which stars Denzel Washington as a flawed pilot who manages to land a damaged airplane. And if you saw the full Flight trailer, you recognize Zemeckis’ wondrous use of effects to enhance his human drama. That could be what Catalogue needs. We’ll see how this one develops.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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