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Robert Zemeckis To Teach You How To Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

With the complete failure of Mars Needs Moms at the box office and the cancellation of Robert Zemeckis' Yellow Submarine remake last month, it looks like the director's dream of making 100% motion-capture films fashionable has failed. Some are sad that they won't see the technology improve and others will be happy they no longer have to take yearly trips into the Uncanny Valley, but there is one thing that everyone can be happy about: it's time for Zemeckis to move back into live-action films again.

THR has received word that the Back to the Future director has signed on to produce How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. The project is based on the book by Chuck Sambuchino, which is structured as a survival guide to prepare readers for the day that garden gnomes decide to invade your home. There is no screenwriter currently attached.

I'm thinking that not only should Zemeckis be producing this film, but he should be directing it as well. It sounds as though the film will have plenty of CGI, which will make the transition easier, and it sounds like a fun comedy that he would have made back in the 80s. Producer isn't a big enough part.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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