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Robin Williams Will Not Be A Dick

Robin Williams wants to be a dick. He was hired to be a dick and promised that he could be a dick. Then, he was told that he can no longer be a dick. Now Robin Williams wants $6 million. Seems fair.

Williams was going to star in a detective comedy called, A Couple of Dicks. Get the joke? They are detectives, but we call them “dicks,” at least we did in the 1940’s, when I was but a wee strapping lad. Now dicks means something else entirely so it’s funny, right? No, it’s not. Still, Williams had a deal to star in the comedy and it was “pay or play.” Since the producers, Frank and Beans Productions and Gold Circle Films didn’t play, Variety says Williams is suing to be paid.

A Couple of Dicks was supposed to co-star Williams and James Gandolfini. Williams says he has both a written and oral contract in the form of a deal memo and if they aren’t going to make the movie, he deserves the $6 million. Since that is probably less than the movie would have grossed, I’m not sure it’s really fair, but the important thing is at least one Robin Williams movie isn’t going to get made.