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Ron Howard Wants Christian Bale To Be In The Dark Tower?

Exactly eight days ago, famed producer Brian Grazer promised that we would know within a week who would be the actor to play Roland Deschain in Ron Howard's The Dark Tower. Now, as that number up their indicates, we've been duped again. Instead, what we are left doing is continuing to report rumors about the project that probably won't come true. Enter Mr. Christian Bale.

The New York Post is reporting from unnamed sources that the actor best known as Batman has apparently found himself on top of Howard's shortlist of actors for the Deschain role, jumping ahead of the previously rumored Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem. The sources also say that Jennifer Carpenter, best known for her role as Deb on the Showtime series Dexter, is being considered for the role of Susannah, as is French/Moroccan actress Ghita Tazi (Edit: it's been pointed out to me that in the series, Susannah is actually black. At this point it's hard to tell if the character's ethnicity is being changed or if the source is just full of shit). Set to be released as a trilogy of films with television-aired miniseries between each film, the first movie is set to be released on May 17, 2013.

While Bale would be a great choice from the part - and I hate to sound like a broken record here - I sincerely doubt that he'll do it, simply because of the time commitment. Signing on for three of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, in comparison, was nothing, as the movies have been spread out over seven years and Bale has had the opportunity to make more films in between. The Dark Tower would completely choke his schedule. Ron Howard may want Christian Bale to be his Roland Deschain, but that doesn't mean he's going to do it.

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