Football season is in full effect so who really cares about movies on a Sunday? You and I of course. That’s why we’re here, to look at the real Sunday scores, the Tomatometer percentages. Those are the only numbers that count. This week we’ve got prisoners and dancing.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

We only have Little Rotten Week running around the house right now, so she gets all the love this family can give. If for some reason, she disappeared tomorrow I don’t know what I’d do. Oh wait, yes I do, I’d go on a Liam Neeson-in-Taken spree the likes of which have never been seen around this little burb. I’d start with some of my next door neighbors, they probably had a hand in it, always looking shady and not mowing their lawn as much as I’d like. Then I’d head across the street to the guy who doesn’t take in his garbage cans until late in the evening. And if she wasn’t there, well then it’s off to that corner house. You know the one, dude who painted his house lime green on purpose. He’d get the business also. And yeah, she was probably just hiding in her closet or something playing, but at least I made the neighborhood a better place.

So yeah, I’m respecting Hugh Jackman’s brand of vigilante justice when it comes to finding his daughter and her friend. Go out, find the guy with the creepy kidnapping RV, affirm that he, in fact is creepy and therefore most likely guilty. Then from there, well he better hope my daughter stops playing hide and seek in time.

Canadian director Denis Villenueve helms this in a followup to last year’s Incedies (92%) which was nominated for Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film. Actually, my man had a pretty solid Toronto International Film Festival debuting this flick and Enemy (100% and also starring Jake Gyllenhaal who’s fairly quietly putting together quite the resume). Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive (89% through about twenty) and look to stay that way when it’s rolled out for the rest of the critical world. I can see this sitting in the low eighties and Jackman becoming my new hero. Find those girls! The Rotten Watch for Prisoners is 83%

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