Russell Brand To Star In Soccer Version of Mighty Ducks

Remember The Mighty Ducks? That sure was a fun movie. You have the rich lawyer who is forced to coach a team of misfits who, god bless 'em, just can't seem to get it together. Sure enough, though, after trials, tribulations and getting a ringer, they went on to win the championship. It's a great kids movie, a wonderful underdog story and it ends with a song by Queen. Don't worry though: it's not being remade, since Warner Bros. doesn't have the rights. But they're doing their best imitation instead.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Russell Brand has been cast to star in a film in which he will play a "David Beckham-like millionaire soccer star/playboy" who gets arrested and must serve community service as the soccer coach for a local high school team. Ten bucks says they put the fat kid in goal.

So you move the movie to the South, change the sport from hockey to soccer and make the coach British instead of American. Now it is time for my mea culpa: they aren't tweaking The Mighty Ducks. They are just straight remaking The Big Green. My mistake.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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