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Dirt Music sounds like an insult you might lob at Russell Crowe's band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts. But no! It's actually a movie that Crowe will star in, taking a role that Heath Ledger was originally signed on to play. Moviehole was told by source that Crowe taken a role in the movie, a story about a loveless relationship in a remote Australian town, to be directed by fellow Aussie Phillip Noyce.

But Moviehole's source had some even more interesting news about another Noyce project that has already announced in the trades. Yesterday The Hollywood reporter wrote a story about Noyce's project Above Suspicion, a real-life crime story. But Moviehole's source says the announcement was a little premature; their source said, "As sometimes happens the production company have taken a development deal and placed it in the trades. There is no deal for Noyce to direct "Above Suspicion" and not even a tentative start date."

Either way, Noyce is keeping busy. He's got Edwin A. Salt, the spy thriller that traded in Tom Cruise for Angelina Jolie, and now Dirt Music. With all the time we've spent writing about his potential projects and their changes, I'm ready for him to just get on with one of them and stay out of the news for a little while.