In Four Boxes three people move into a dead guy’s house for a week, cheat on each other, and watch terrorism videos on the deceased’s computer. Don’t worry, it’s not as sick as it sounds. Or is it? They have a good reason to be there. Trevor (Justin Kirk) and Rob (Sam Rosen) are estate liquidators, they’re the guys your call when your loved ones die and you don’t want to deal with cleaning all of their shit out of their house. Rob invites his fiancée Amber (Terryn Westbrook) over to stay while they work, and the three of them spend a week knee deep living in someone leftover filth.

Half the fun of Four Boxes is in figuring out what it’s about. Maybe it’s a relationship drama. Two buddies have their friendship tested when one steals the other’s girl, gets engaged to her, and then invites over to rub his pal’s nose in it. Or maybe it’s a thriller. Three people are trapped in a dead guy’s house and in the process of going through his junk discover really creepy stuff. Or maybe it’s a movie about internet obsession. A guy can’t take his eyes off a voyeuristic website showing a bomb maker who doesn’t know he’s being watched.

This is writer/director Wyatt McDill’s first film and he’s come up with a unique script and paired it with a talented and charismatic cast. The result is nearly fantastic until the movie’s ending which, unfortunately flushes the whole thing down the toilet, sending his audience out of the theater irritated and disappointed. It’s as if McDill simply ran out of gas and didn’t know how to finish it. But this is only his first effort. If Wyatt McDill ever figures out how to end a movie, he'll become a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye out for his next flick.

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