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If every casting announcement that comes out daily is to be believed, Sam Worthington will be starring in every movie between now and 2015, and at the rate he's going, will probably be cast as Bilbo in The Hobbit. Just as Zach Galifianakis was seemingly everywhere this summer, so Worthington is now-- and it's really hard to know exactly which among these projects is destined to pan out.

Today is reporting that Worthington will star in an adaptation of The Last Days of American Crime, a graphic novel about the final weeks before a new mind-control device wipes out the criminal impulse in all Americans. Worthington will play a member of a team of career criminals pulling off one last score before the big change. According to the book's creator Rick Remender, "It's really motivated by Mamet's Heist film and James Ellroy's [novel] American Tabloid."

Michael Schwarz and Barry Levine are producing, and apparently a whole lot more A-list names are planning to sign on any minute now. I don't doubt that this is the kind of movie that Worthington will be well-suited to, but I'm just wondering how he can possibly have so much on his plate. With the leading man this busy, better not count on Avatar 2.

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