Scarred And Disfigured, A New Photo Of Jonah Hex

Those who’ve seen it haven’t exactly had a lot of great things to say about Jonah Hex but I’m a sucker for movies in which characters wear cool hats, and besides there’s been plenty of time to re-edit and improve it since the movie was first supposed to be headed for reshoots back in December of last year. Jonah Hex doesn't actually hit theaters until June 18 with Josh Brolin in the lead as a scarred bounty hunter out to stop the unleashing of hell. And when I say he’s scarred, I mean really scarred.

We’ve just gotten our hands on a close-up of Hex’s hideous disfigurement. It first appeared in the newest issue of EW, but we’ve got every deformed inch for you here in high-res. Check out Brolin as Jonah Hex below:

Josh Tyler