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While it's still totally possible that Jim from The Office will wind up playing Captain America, there are two names from the shortlist released last week that you no longer need to worry about. Movieline has noted that Scott Porter has taken the lead in a CW pilot called Nomads, while Michael Cassidy has confirmed via Twitter that he's no longer up for the part.

Still in the running are John Krasinski, Mike Vogel, Patrick Flueger, Chace Crawford and Garret Hedlund, all of whom are presumably in the gym right now trying to build up the proper muscles. Porter likely saw a better opportunity on television-- at least one that didn't require him to sign a nine-picture deal-- and jumped for it, while Cassidy's reasons for bailing are unknown. Hopefully more actors will step up and admit whether or not they're out of the running so we can get this damn thing cast already.

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