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We can call George Bailey a lot of things, but a money-hungry opportunist isn’t one of them. In fact, the man seemed to take every opportunity presented to him to be a decent, selfless person, putting the needs of the town of Bedford Falls ahead of his dreams at every turn. But you’d never guess that watching the trailer above, which cleverly turns It’s A Wonderful Life into The Wolf of Bedford Falls, spinning the classic Frank Capra film with a Martin Scorsese twist, using The Wolf of Wall Street’s trailer as inspiration.

The video uses footage from the colorized version of It’s a Wonderful Life to reinvent the story, painting George Bailey as an angry man who loathes his town and is willing to sell his soul to Potter to become the richest man in Bedford Falls. Cut to George getting fresh with Mary and enjoying piles of cash until everything falls apart. The bank goes broke because George has been playing the market with the company’s money. He’s lost eight thousand dollars and he’s willing to let dear old Uncle Billy go to jail for it. Cut to a sequence of sexy and violent scenes, gunshots and screams, and an added in explosion to really take things to the next level. That in itself made me laugh, and then we see Mary telling her mother George is making violent love to her, which is immediately followed by Annie poking the ceiling with a broom while George’s mother complains, "you’re shaking the house down, stop it!" and his father responds, "Oh let them alone, I wish I was up there with them."

That’s just twisted.

The trailer’s a fine demonstration of how a little editing can change the whole story around. Of course, anyone who’s seen It’s a Wonderful Life knows the true context of those scenes. But it does create an interesting scenario. The original film explores what Bedford Falls would’ve been like if George Bailey had never been born. It’s a demonstration of just how much of an impact one person can have on the lives of people around him. But what if George Bailey had agreed to work for Potter? Cue the women, stacks of cash, violence and explosions. It probably wouldn't end well.

It’s a Wonderful Life has been making headlines lately, not only because it’s that time of year again and we’ll see the film play on TV in a matter of weeks, but because there’s talk of a sequel, though the fate of the followup appears to be in question. After watching the above trailer, I’m thinking a Scorsese remake of the original might actually be preferable to a sequel. Kidding (kind of). In the meantime, we have The Wolf of Wall Street to look forward to next month…

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