See Steve Zahn, Justin Long, And Jonah Hill Hunting Bigfoot

This February Steve Zahn and the stars of Accepted, Beerfest, Grandma’s Boy, and Terminator 2 are going hunting for Bigfoot. Weird way to follow up that Oscar worthy performance in Rescue Dawn last year Steve.

The movie is Strange Wilderness, a film that on the surface sounds like one of those mediocre, throwaway comedies which get released in February but which is actually one of those mediocre, throwaway comedies getting released in February with an amazing cast who’ve done amazing work. After their work in Superbad and Live Free or Die Hard, Jonah Hill and Justin Long are now probably too big for a movie like this. Luckily, for anyone who ends up seeing it, they probably filmed it before that happened.

We have a big batch of images from the film, showing its amazing cast doing amazingly stupid things. Take a minute, click on one of the thumbnails below to see them in high-res, and join the hunt for Sasquatch:

Josh Tyler