See True Blood's Jason Stackhouse As A Superhero In Griff The Invisible

When True Blood first kicked off on HBO, Ryan Kwanten seemed like a long shot to be the show’s breakout star. To put it kindly, he’s stuck playing the village idiot and even rock hard abs aren’t usually enough to break through that kind of typecasting. Yet somehow, he’s parlayed the frequent sexcapades of Jason Stackhouse into an up and coming movie career. He’s frequently rumored for big, Hollywood roles and he has no fewer than five movies headed for theaters in the next couple of years.

Among those movies is a superhero movie called Griff the Invisible, in which he plays the title character. Griff is an office dork by day who moonlights as a masked hero at night. And here’s what Kwanten looks like in his Griff superhero costume:

More images are available in our Griff the Invisible image gallery. Check out the Griff the Invisible trailer below:

Griff the Invisible is a low-budget, Australian indie. It only cost around $3 million, a drop in the bucket by Hollywood standards. Oh yeah, Ryan Kwanten’s Australian. You’d never guess it, since he’s so perfect playing the American idiot on True Blood.

Expect to see Kwanten next in theaters as part of the LARPing cast of Knights of Badassdom.

Josh Tyler