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Seth Green Takes A Turn Toward Drama In The Story Of Luke

Lately, we’ve been hearing an awful lot of Seth Green. The actor lends his voice to countless animated offerings, did the motion capture for Mars Needs Moms, and is even up for multiple Emmys for his work on Robot Chicken. But in the next few months, we’re actually going to start seeing Green on screen a lot more often as he continues to line up gigs.

With the announcement that Mike Myers plans a fourth Austin Powers film, it’s safe assume Green will reprise his role as Scott, Dr. Evil’s wayward son. On top of that, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Green has been cast alongside Lou Taylor Pucci, Cary Elwes and True Blood actress Kristin Bauer in The Story of Luke. The drama, written and directed by Alonso Mayo, centers on an autistic man (Pucci) trying to find his place in society. Green will play Zach, a character who is “instrumental … in coaching Luke on his journey.”

It sounds like TV-movie-of-the-week fodder, though THR says Mayo, making his feature-film debut, based the Luke screenplay on his own documentary Just Like Anyone, which captured life at his mother’s educational and rehabilitation facility in Peru. That’s an encouraging sign that Mayo has a personal, vested interest in getting the material right, and isn’t just looking to pluck an audience’s heartstrings.

This is a stretch for Green, though, who isn’t known for his dramatic roles. In fact, outside of Luke, Green will appear in the comedy thriller Sexy Evil Geniuses, about a babe (Katee Sackhoff) exacting revenge on her ex-lovers. Now that’s the Green we know and love.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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