In a little over a month, the Oscar nominated Seth MacFarlane will take the stage to host the Academy Awards. The latest poster advertising the anticipated movie-focused awards ceremony puts the host front and center and already clutching an Oscar… kind of.

Whether or not MacFarlane wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song for penning the lyrics to Ted's "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" remains to be seen, but the new poster advertising the awards ceremony puts the hint of an Oscar in the host's hands. The statue is more of an outline and almost looks like a microphone if you consider the pedestal at the bottom as the wire.

Sort of a classic look here, what with the black and white photo. With the black background and MacFarlane dressed in a black tux, the host almost fades into the wallpaper there - almost. Something tells me MacFarlane could never really fade into the background of any situation. But the way his tuxedo and hair match the black does well to emphasize his face and that pearly-white grin of his.

But it's not all about MacFarlane. The other guy featured in this poster is right there in gold, and his name's under MacFarlane's. February 24 will be all about Oscar.

You can read the full list of 2013 Academy award nominees here. And for a bit more MacFarlane, check out the recently released promos featuring the funny guy here.

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