Shatner Calls JJ Abrams A Liar

Even though I’m a Star Trek fan, I really don’t care whether William Shatner is in the next movie or not. I seem to be the only one, because the media humping of this particular subject simply will not die away… and if people weren’t interested well the media (I guess that sort of includes me), wouldn’t bother to report it. Apparently JJ Abrams has bought into the hype of having Shatner in his new Star Trek movie too, because according to William Shatner he’s been running around lying about the original Captain Kirk’s involvement.

Last week in an interview, JJ Abrams told us that they “tried desperately to put him in the movie” but Shatner simply wasn’t interested. He claimed they offered him a cameo, which Shatner refused on the grounds that he’d only do it if he got a bigger role.

Today, Shatner has come out and called that hogwash. In his video response, posted below, Shatner says pretty clearly: “Nobody ever came to me and said we have a cameo for you.” He does agree though, that he probably wouldn’t have been interested in doing a cameo, had they offered it to him. But they didn’t… and Abrams is running around claiming that they did. Says Shatner, “nobody ever asked me, and I’m just sorry that I’m not in your wonderful movie.”

Shatner goes on to spell out a few ways they could bring his Captain Kirk back, despite his death in Star Trek Generations, should JJ Abrams make another movie after this one and want him involved. It’s already been done actually, in a series of Star Trek books written by Shatner. I’ve read them, and they’re not half bad. Wouldn’t want to see them in a movie though, and I still say Shatner had his death scene and we should all really move on. Star Trek has always been about a lot more than just Bill Shatner, even though he is the almighty god of awesome.

Watch Shatner’s entire response below:

Josh Tyler