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Following his debut feature Intact, Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo rose fast, landing the helming gig on the eagerly anticipated horror-thriller 28 Weeks Later. After receiving positive reviews for that one, Fresnadillo burned much of his good will with critics on the insipid horror offering Intruders, which was widely scorned. But Fresnadillo has scored a second chance as well as a noteworthy leading man for his next effort.

Deadline reports Start Motion Pictures (formerly Wayfare Entertainment) has hired Fresnadillo to helm Villain, a psychological thriller meant as a vehicle for Shia LaBeouf. Penned by Josh Zetumer, the film will star LaBeouf as one of two brothers who reunite under mysterious circumstances in a merciless wilderness. At this time, there's no word on who might fill the role other brother. But as Wild Bunch will be selling the pic at Cannes in the coming days, we expect an announcement on that front could follow in short order.

Stacked with wild cards, this project is an interesting one. As discussed, Fresnadillo's filmography has been a mixed bag so far. As for LaBeouf, his once family-friendly appeal has been steadily overridden by some scandalous talk show appearances, and a more mature slate of film projects, like the gritty action-comedy The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman and the Lars Von Trier's sure-to-rile drama Nymphomaniac. While it's been interesting to see LaBeouf stretch as an actor, he doesn't always stack up to the incredible casts he's sometimes surrounded by (like in Lawless). Yet Zetumer is at this point Villain's hardest attribute to predict. He doesn't have a produced screenplay to his name yet, though he did contribute to the script for the upcoming RoboCop reboot.

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