Shia LaBeouf Will Grow Horns In Joe Hill Adaptation

Stephen King adaptations have been a staple of the movie industry since the mid-1970s. Though they've ranged from spectacular - The Shining - to godawful - Sleepwalkers - King's words have long been inspiration for movies. Now his son is getting into the game as well, and his first feature adaptation has landed a star.

Variety reports that Shia LaBeouf is now attached to star in Horns, based on the newest book by Joe Hill. Being scripted by Keith Bunin, LaBeouf will play Ig Perrish, a 20-something who wakes up after being blackout drunk to find that he has sprouted a pair of horns and that his girlfriend has been murdered. Desperate to know why, the horns growing bigger and bigger, he begins to investigate. The book was first picked up back in October of 2009. Hill will also serve as an executive producer on the film.

It sounds like a pretty cool premise, though I, like many others, am still not completely convinced of LaBeouf's talents. But that could all change with the proper director.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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