Shrek Characters Appear In Uncomfortably Erotic Photographs

Maybe this would have made more sense when Shrek started out. Originally Shrek was billed as the more adult alternative to movies like Toy Story. The first Shrek seemed a little edgier, a little more willing to engage in scatological humor, and lot more sarcastic. Since then though, Shrek has morphed into one big, Happy Meal advertisement and thrown itself completely on the mercy of the daycare center crowd. So what was DreamWorks thinking when they allowed the characters of Shrek to pose with half-naked models? I have no idea.

The images below come from VMan where you can see even more vaguely erotic images featuring Shrek characters. I’m pretty sure that Donkey just had a threesome.

Talking to Fox DreamWorks now says they regret giving permission to use their characters in this way, but too late. Permission already given.

Josh Tyler