The Signal And V/H/S Director Signs On For Demented Stalker Flick

In the age of the Internet, we’ve all done a little stalking every now and then, from reading up on past lovers to tracking our favorite celebrities’ whereabouts through Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other social network sites. But most of us have never actually stalked someone, hopefully, and we’re just as unlikely to have been physically stalked by someone. This makes us a lot luckier and less maniacal than the stars of director David Bruckner’s debut feature.

Deadline reports that Bruckner is set to direct the suspense thriller Intrusion for Lava Bear Films. Though he’s never directed a feature-length film, you may still be familiar with Bruckner’s work,as one of the three directors behind 2007’s vastly underrated horror/comedy The Signal, which features one of the most amazing uses of a baseball bat on film. More recently, he directed “Amateur Night,” the first segment of 2012’s found footage horror V/H/S. Admittedly, the latter was one of the weaker sections of V/H/S and was the most glaring example of the “Why are they still filming this?” problem that found-footage films are often chastised for. However, Bruckner's direction was still impressive and drew a few scares out of the non-story being shown.

The story behind Intrusion revolves around a young woman who moves to San Francisco, soon finding herself the victim of a disturbed stalker. She soon discovers the assaults and other forms of heinousness reveal her involvement in something altogether more horrifying and sinister. Will it mimic the creepy slow burn films like One Hour Photo and Sleep Tight, or will it be gleefully over-the-top like Obsession or Fatal Attraction? The script was written by J.D. Goffigan, whose sole credit is the Fangoria FrightFest horror film Hunger, and producer Doug Davison previously worked with Lava Bear CEO Dave Linde on 2008’s home invasion flick The Strangers, so those are two clues right there.

Intrusionstarts production later this year, and possibly won't have the most recognizable cast. But Bruckner's short-but-impressive career could easily make Intrusion one to watch out for, before it starts watching you.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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