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Hug your children and start stockpiling bottled water: Today’s the day that Skynet becomes self-aware. In the timeline originally established by James Cameron’s original Terminator movie, April 19, 2011 was the day that a vast network of computers, known as Skynet, became self-aware. It would eventually take over the planet, set about wiping out humanity, and send a robot which looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to kill John Connors.

Skynet becomes self-aware at 8:11pm tonight, so keep an eye out your window for any suspicious looking, leather-clad characters who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger… or maybe even Vin Diesel?

Last week there was a crazy rumor that another Terminator movie might be in the works, with Fast Five helmer Justin Lin in the director’s chair. Lin confirmed that he’s talked to Arnold about coming back, but if he can’t get him, then he’ll need new muscle. Lin did some really vague hinting to Moviehole that he might consider his Fast Five star Vin Diesel for the part. Actually what he said is “you never know”.

Skynet really could become self-aware tonight and kill us all. You never know. Get in your fallout shelters.