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When I was a kid I was not what you would call "a fan" of horror movies. Even the lamest episodes of Are You Afraid of The Dark? would give me nightmares. But then I watched Mary Lambert's adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Sematary and some how everything changed. I suddenly began to take pleasure all of the scares instead of letting them haunt me at night and while I'm not what you would consider a horror junkie today, it was the movie that helped me appreciate what the genre had to offer. So naturally it's getting remade.

The LA Times is reporting that Matthew Greenberg, writer of the Stephen King adaptation 1408, is about to turn in his script for a new take on the story. While many of you may dread this idea, Paramount seems to be quite excited about the prospect, and, according to an unnamed source, has already put out calls to find a "high-level director" for the project. In the first film, a father distraught by the death of his son decides to bury him in a pet cemetery that brings the dead back to life. When they're brought back, however, they aren't quite themselves...

If the producers go to the grave of Fred Gwynne, dig him up, reanimate him with their own haunted pet cemetery, sit him down at a table and get him to say "Sometimes dead is better" then I will give this movie the official Eric Eisenberg Is Okay With This stamp of approval. Short of that, this project needs to have its Adam's Apple ripped out by a four year old.

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