Paramount Pictures keeps bumping the release date on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness forward. Why don’t they just up and screen it for us already, so we can go about our normal lives!

Deadline reports that the studio has moved the UK release date of the wildly anticipated sequel up one week, from May 16 to May 9. That’s going to anger millions of U.S. Trek fans who’ll have to avoid the Internet to steer clear of the many spoilers that are bound to flood out of the first few screenings. Behind the scenes, Paramount plans a massive press day for Into Darkness in London the first weekend of May, so it makes a bit of sense for the movie to screen shortly after press have had the opportunity to screen and interview the cast. But if you are going to go earlier in the UK, why not go early everywhere? Not doing so just seems mean.

In fact, Deadline notes a rumor that has some wondering if May 9 will become the U.S. release date, though Paramount already started a ball rolling toward a May 15 release (the first shift) when fans unlocked early tickets by using the app that they downloaded in time for the Super Bowl spot.

It’s a slippery slope, going early for one contingent of Star Trek fans, then asking others to wait as much as a week while also avoiding all spoilers and news flashes regarding a movie that has dabbled in secrecy. Either way, we know that we’re all going to see Into Darkness as soon as it opens. But will you fly to London for the ability to see it first?

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