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Hot on the heels of the announcement that Revenge of the Sith will be the first Star Wars film rated PG-13, comes photographic proof of just how far down the darker path George Lucas has gone this time.

Our friends over at Film Rot have come into the possession of an Anakin post-lava picture. Anakin post-lava pics are nothing new, but this seemed like a good way to pad a throwaway story about Revenge of the Sith getting a PG-13 rating. If you didn’t already know that Anakin gets tossed into a lava pit, then you’re not much of a Star Wars fan and this story is probably much too geeky for you. Click over to our latest Hillary Duff news instead. In the picture, Anakin is laying on a table horribly mangled and missing more than a few limbs… definitely not PG material. It’s not an image I’ve seen before, so if you can stomach it and don’t mind spoilers, click HERE to head over there and check it out.

I’m not that high on the gorier nature of this next Star Wars movie. Some are taking it as an indication that they’re finally getting the Star Wars movie they want, but I take it as an indication that George is simply pandering to fill seats. More blood won’t make his writing any better.

Just to keep things cheerful, I've posted a couple of other extra crispy Anakin pictures below.