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Starbuck Still Throwing Punches, Katee Sackhoff Cast In Couture's Hijacked

We all thought Katee Sackhoff was going to be a huge, breakout star didn’t we? Actually we thought she’d be just the first of many breakout stars from Battlestar Galactica. But then we also thought Ron Moore had a better ending in store than, whatever that was, he gave us. Sometimes your expectations aren’t met and, so far neither Katee nor anyone else from the Colonial Fleet’s last battlestar has made it big. That’s probably not going to change, unfortunately (come on, someone cast James Calles in something besides SyFy leftovers) but at least Starbuck is working. Katee Sackhoff has landed a role in a movie called Hijacked.

She tweeted the news herself mere moments ago. It’s unclear exactly what part she’ll play, but Katee does confirm that it stars Randy Couture, Dominic Purcell, and Vinnie Jones. Do the math by counting up the number of cauliflower ears involved and it all adds up to this being some sort of action movie. Katee Sackhoff can do action. Someone should probably cast her as Lara Croft or, should the world ever need a new Linda Hamilton give her a call. In the meantime she’ll get to beat people up with Randy Couture. That’s pretty cool.

While you wait for Hijacked, remember better times by watching Katee fighting, fracking, and crying with the crew of the Battlestar Galactica:

God that show was good. RIP Starbuck.