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Even Halle Berry had to be a little surprised that her generic-looking genre film The Call bested a comedy starring Steve Carell AND Jim Carrey at the box office over the weekend. If that wasn’t enough to get Carell down in the dumps regarding his movie career’s future, this news might be another swift kick to the old ego.

In a Hollywood.com profile about the men behind Carell’s production company, Carousel Productions, it is reported that the comedian’s slate is a mixed bag of surefire hits, Oscar hopefuls and dead projects … like Of All the Things. A feature version of a musical documentary centered around songwriter and producer Dennis Lambert – who worked with the Four Tops and Dusty Springfield – has been unplugged after years of development. “You hit a bump in the road, and it doesn't line up with the direction you wanted to continue in," said co-producer Charlie Hartsock.

Which is unfortunate, but it’s not a “bump” that should derail Carell’s career, if we’re being honest. The former Daily Show correspondent and Office honcho has plenty of major films on the horizon, from the Anchorman sequel that’s filming in Atlanta to Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, an odd-sounding (and decidedly dark) follow up to his winning Moneyball.

And Hollywood.com also points out that Carell, once he wraps Anchorman, will shoot Mail-Order Groom with Tina Fey while Carousel continues to develop Magic Kingdom for Sale, with Carell playing “a widower who purchases a magical land for $1 million.” The collaboration with Date Night co-star Fey sounds promising. Yet, as Burt Wonderstone points out, high-powered pairings don’t always translate to big box office, so we’ll see how this develops.