I stopped following Russell Crowe on Twitter a while ago, since he seemed to tweet about absolutely nothing but press tours, random political issues and occasionally Australian sports. But as he continues to shoot Superman: Man of Steel in Vancouver, now's a good time to start following again. Normally actors can't reveal much about the movies they're working on-- the non-disclosure agreements, as we've all heard, are insane-- but Crowe revealed that as Jor-El, Superman's father, he'll get in on far more of the action than Marlon Brandon's take on the character did in the original 1978 movie. Here's the tweet in question:

15km bike ride,umpteen hours fighting Michael Shannon. He's very hard to put down.

Shannon, of course, is playing General Zod, the primary villain Superman will be playing in his take on his origin story. We'd been assuming all along that Man of Steel would be following the same basic format as the 1978 Superman, showing Jor-El and Superman's mother Lara briefly before the planet explodes. But from the sounds of it, we'll see a lot more action between Jor-El and General Zod, presumably all of it taking place on Krypton. I guess that explains why they've spent so much time shooting on soundstages in Vancouver-- you need a lot of indoor space to recreate an alien planet.

We've already seen some set photos of Crowe dressed up in costume, but I think it might be too much to hope to see shots of the fight itself. We'll likely be waiting until the first trailer comes out for a glimpse at that-- and given that the movie isn't due until June 14, 2013, that'll be a long wait itself. Hang tight until then!

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