Sometimes teaser movie posters are interesting, like the Taking Woodstock and Julie & Julia posters that have debuted in the last 24 hours.

And sometimes they're like the 2012 poster, which is precisely what you would expect from a Roland Emmerich teaser poster. Don't you remember the teaser poster for Independence Day, which I continue to swear was hanging in the lobby of my local theater for two years before the movie actually came out? The same stark letters, black background, threat of doom-- all the atmosphere you want to evoke about the movie, but nothing all that original. At least we got something by way of a tagline: "Who will be left behind?" Think they're intentionally trying to evoke the Left Behind apocalypse theory? I think yes.

Anyway, check out the poster below, and find a larger version at Sorry if I've dampened all your potential excitement about this, but are you honestly going to tell me this poster was remotely exciting to begin with?

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