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Despite a rather week performance here in the United States, Terminator Genisys' chances of getting a sequel actually looks surprisingly high right now. In the past few weeks, the blockbuster has been absolutely raking in the dough over in China, and that money may wind up being enough motivation to get Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to green light a follow-up. That being said, according to star J.K. Simmons, that green light hasn't actually been officially lit just yet.

Currently out promoting his new tennis movie Break Point, the Whiplash Oscar winner was recently asked by Screen Rant about the chances of seeing a Terminator Genisys sequel - but the actor didn't have much of an update to give about the development of the franchise. Discussing another chapter in the series, Simmons said,
[There's] nothing yet. We are hopeful that we’re going to make a couple more, but the trigger has not been officially pulled.

When Paramount Pictures first announced that the Terminator series would be returning in June of 2013, the announcement came with the news that Terminator Genisys would actually be the first part of a brand new trilogy. They even went as far as to give release dates to both Terminator 6 and Terminator 7, scheduling them to come out on May 19, 2017, and June 29, 2018, respectively. The studio still has those dates on its release calendar, but they have not officially confirmed yet that the movies will actually be made.

Of course, there's now a strong argument to be made for Paramount to let Terminator live on. Made for $155 million, Genisys ended up making less than $90 million while it was in theaters here in the United States - but it has absolutely been crushing overseas. While breaking records in China, the film has managed to make nearly $350 million abroad alone, pushing the worldwide total up to $435 million. One might assume that this figure would be big enough for the studio to pull the trigger, but but it seems that they're still being a bit wary about the whole thing.

Personally, I hope they do wind up making Terminator 6. While I can't say that I really loved Terminator Genisys it really did make an effort to do some impressive world building. The problem is that was pretty much all that the film did, and as a result fans were left with an incomplete story and far more big questions than big answers. Now the franchise really has a chance to move on, and could potentially do so with a good story built around re-established characters. Plus, it sounds like J.K. Simmons would definitely be on-board for the sequel, recently telling Zap2It,
O’Brien was a very fun guy to start to investigate and yeah, really looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity for more O’Brien.

Stay tuned for more updates from the world of Terminator.

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