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The Terminators Will Have A New Look In Terminator Genisys

A lot will be changing in the Terminator universe when Terminator: Genisys hits the screen. It seems that the T-800 will also be getting a bit of a makeover in Genisys. Take a peek:


USA Today first broke the images of this new T-800. It appears that the latest version will be a bit of a sleeker look. Though it will still have those signature, glowing-red eyes, it looks like they’ve taken a bit of a minimalist approach when it comes to the body of the T-800. We’ve certainly seen a lot of different interpretations of the T-800 over the years. The Genisys interpretation is the closest we’ve seen to the T-800 in the original films. It just feels a bit more sleek and a bit updated to match our modern technologies.


Terminator: Genisys is certainly going to be shaking up the Terminator universe. The basic premise of the film centers around Kyle Reese (who is played by Jai Courtney) as he travels to an alternate timeline to find and save the world. Kyle finds Sarah (played by Emilia Clarke), but he also finds that she’s being watched over by a familiar face -- Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator. However, things are a bit different. Instead of trying to kill Sarah Connor, Arnold's Terminator has actually raised and protected Sarah (Sarah actually calls the Arnoldnator "Pops"). Arnold’s Terminator will also be noticeably older looking from the original Terminator movie, which the Genisys writers will have to do a bit of tap-dancing to explain how a robot has aged.

I’ll be honest. I certainly have my doubts about this film, but I can’t help but get excited at the prospect of a new Terminator movie. The plot sounds weird, but the film does have a pretty strong cast (and a Time Lord!!!) backing the film. And really, can anything be worse than Terminator Salvation? Having a T-800 that hearkens back more to the T-800 models from the original movies rather than the hulking mess from Salvation has got to be a good sign, right?


We’ll have to wait to see more of this new T-800 and experience this crazy new universe ourselves when Terminator: Genisys hits theaters on July 1, 2015.