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Time Traveler's Wife Trailer

The first trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife is here. It’s kind of like The Notebook meets Back to the Future. Actually, scratch that. The vibe I’m getting from the trailer is more like Ghost, minus the annoyance of Whoopi Goldberg. This could be really, really good.

It stars Eric Bana as a man who randomly travels through time. It’s out of his control, but he still manages to find time to fall in love with Rachel McAdams. It’s Rachel McAdams, you’d build a flux capacitor too if you thought you could get Rachel McAdams. They fall in love, get married, have children… only McAdams never knows when he’ll be there. The Time Traveler’s Wife looks like the movie Benjamin Button should have been, and wasn’t.

Watch the trailer in high-res over at Yahoo or watch it below: