Before Avatar came around there really was no box office phenomenon quite like Titanic. Sure, there was The Dark Knight, but even at $533 million domestically it was no match for Titanic's powerful $600 million. Critics were giving it award after award and women around the world were swooning for new heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. Now the James Cameron epic is coming back into theaters, this time in 3D. But for those of you upset because it's still such a long wait, I have some good news.

Paramount has announced that the release of Titanic 3D has been moved up by two days, going from Friday April 6th to Wednesday April 4th. The move gives the re-release a jump on the weekend, which is fairly full. On that weekend Cameron's film will be going up against the Henry Cavill/Bruce Willis thriller The Cold Light of Day and the third American Pie sequel, American Reunion.

But that's not the only Paramount film that is changing release dates. Jeff, Who Lives At Home, the new film from the Duplass brothers starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms, has been pushed back two weeks, going from Friday March 2nd to Friday March 16th. The movie will only have a limited release, however. Also moving is the new Eddie Murphy family film, A Thousand Words. While the project was going to be released on April 20th, it has shifted back to March 9th. This is actually the second time in a month that the title has been moved, as in January it was moved from March 23rd.

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