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Titanic 3D Trailer Showcases The Film's Most Memorable Moments

Titanic is headed back into theaters next April, just in time for the 100th anniversary of the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage. While fans are likely to be excited to have the opportunity to see the film on the big screen again, there’s also the question of how some of the more iconic scenes from the movie will look when converted to 3D.

Considering the likelihood that most people planning to see Titanic in 3D have already seen the movie, this trailer does more to offer the idea of a shined up, 3D’ed version of Titanic than it does to sell the movie itself. Meaning, you’ll see a lot of the iconic scenes, from the glimpse of the ship at the bottom of the ocean, to some of Rose’s more memorable interactions with Jack, and of course, the mayhem that ensues after the ship hits that troublesome berg.

Watch the trailer below or check it out over at iTunes (opens in new tab).

For those of us who have seen this movie more times than we probably care to admit the question, “How’s that going to look in 3D?” is likely to run through our minds as we glimpse many of the key moments in the above trailer. And given the enthusiasm James Cameron has expressed when talking about converting the movie to 3D and bringing it back to the big screen, my hope is that the answer to that question will often, if not always be, “as good as it possibly can.” Needless to say, my expectations are high for this one.

Titanic 3D arrives in theaters on April 6, 2012.

Kelly West
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