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Tom Wilkinson Joins Lone Ranger, We Think He's Snidely Whiplash

Tom Wilkinson is being added to the cast of The Lone Ranger, which already stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Social Network’s Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger. How does Wilkinson fit in to the Gore Verbinski directed film? I’m guessing villain.

I’m guessing villain because Variety says he’s playing a railroad tycoon and, in the entire history of the Hollywood western, I’m pretty sure there’s never been a single heroic railroad tycoon. This is why just now when you read the words “railroad tycoon” on this page, you instantly thought of a hunched over, no-goodnik standing by the railroad tracks twirling his mustache. No good can come of owning a railroad, unless you’re in something written by Ayn Rand.

As for Wilkinson, he’s quietly one of the best actors in Hollywood... who gets almost no recognition for it. Recently you might have loved his performances in high-brow movies like Michael Clayton or The Ghost Writer, but I even loved him in The Green Hornet as Seth Rogen’s mega-asshole father. Add him to your movie and he’s sure to class up the joint. Good move Lone Ranger.