Totally Original Looking Paranormal Entity Trailer

Finally, a direct-to-DVD movie from The Asylum that has an excuse to be shot with a shitty little DV camera. Most of the time, these low budget, shameless rip-offs are trying to replicate films like Transformers with 1/1000 of the money to do so. Not Paranormal Entity though. They're going after the micro-budget darling Paranormal Activity, so it's free reign for shaky cameras, night vision, and in-camera effects. Nice job, Asylum, you'll finally have something that looks awful on purpose. Congrats.

I guess you could say the trailer looks bad, because it's poorly slapped together, but if you told me this was the trailer for Paranormal Activity four months ago, I wouldn't have questioned you. You'll definitely see ALL the similarities; it just looks cheaper, which compared to a movie made for $11,000 is quite a feat, and is filmed in a crappier house. They try to give you a little shock treatment at the end of this short trailer, but it's pretty fail-tastic. Give it a watch and understand just how useless The Asylum is.