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Inglourious Basterds taught me that when you’re working with film, your biggest enemy is fire. But as movies transition towards the digital age, they’re all on computers, which means they should be safe from accidental destruction, right? You’ve forgotten the delete key.

Pixar has posted a video from their Studio Stories series in which they discuss how Toy Story 2 was almost erased from history. The files for computer animated movies, especially back in the 90s, are ridiculously huge things kept on massive banks of monster-sized computers. In the case of Toy Story 2, Pixar had everything stored on a Linux machine while they worked and one day… everything started to vanish. Someone had somehow hit the delete key and the movie started to disappear. Video one’s a cliffhanger, watch it on Pixar’s Facebook page to find out how Buzz, Woody, and Emperor Zerg almost disappeared… forever.

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