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The leaves are barely starting to turn here in Brooklyn, but Robert Zemeckis and Disney are demanding-- demanding!-- that you already get in the Christmas spirit. That's the only possible way I can explain the new trailer for A Christmas Carol, which goes very heavy on the holiday spirit in the beginning until, of course, Scrooge comes along to ruin it all. The rest of the trailer is filled with scenes we've seen plenty of before-- the arrival of Jacob Marley and his chains, Scrooge flying through the air while hanging on to a megaphone (you don't remember that part in the original Dickens story?), but some additional hijinks including a slide down a tunnel and a tiny Scrooge running into a bunch of icicles.

In addition, there's a kind of featurette, also available at Apple in HD, that rehashes much of the footage from the new trailer but includes talking head interviews with Jim Carrey, Zemeckis, and other people involved in the film's production. Anyone looking forward to this movie will probably enjoy it, but I'd rather hole up with A Muppet Christmas Carol and forget all about Jim Carrey's CGI wrinkles. To each his own, I suppose.

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