Whether or not you're a sports fan, there's something about sport-centered movies that is undeniably compelling. The stakes run high while the characters run in slow motion, and the climax is often one that makes crowds stand up and cheer. A good sports movie pays off like your favorite team on their best day, and this is why I'm looking forward to the upcoming football-focused drama Touchback.

Writer-director Don Handfield is making his feature debut with this wish-fulfillment tale that centers on Scott Murphy, a promising high school athlete who seems destined to go pro and leave his humble hometown behind him. However, his prospects of a career in football are shattered when he's injured in an ill-fated game. 15 years later, he's a married man with a couple of kids, a gimp leg, and one major regret. Then one day, while wishing he could have done things differently, he's magically transported to the past, and offered the second chance for which he's long-pined. But is he really ready to abandon the life and family he's made for a shot at his childhood dream?

Touchback won't hit theaters until April 13th, but you can get a glimpse of it now, thanks to Yahoo:

It's Friday Night Lights meets It's a Wonderful Life, a palpably poignant premise that seems destined to pull audiences in. Of course, there's also the possibility that first-time filmmaker Handfield could be heavy-handed in his approach, but with a cast that includes the stellar Melanie Lynskey and the powerhouse that is Kurt Russell, it seems Touchback is in good hands. To that end, it could prove a launching pad for its leading man, Brian Presley, who has long been laboring in thankless roles in television and film. With its release fast approaching, we'll soon see.

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