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I'm not going to review Hysterical Psycho, and believe me, you don't really want me to. Not because my opinions aren't fascinating and important, of course, but when it comes to Hysterical Psycho, my opinion doesn't matter at all. The only opinion that matters is yours, and whether or not you're willing to follow Dan Fogler and company on this crazy spiral into the absurd.

Even if you've liked Fogler in his roles in movies like Fanboys and Balls of Fury, it probably won't prepare you for this film, which features Fogler only fleetingly in three different roles. Instead it's the members of his theater company, Stage 13, who take the lead in this spin on the classic horror trope of horny teenagers getting murdered in the woods. Everything about it is a spoof, from the fact that the actors most definitely aren't teenagers to overheated zoom-ins on key clues.

But don't expect a horror spoof Scary Movie style. Hysterical Psycho is way, way weirder than that, lapsing into animated ads for cheese and descents into one character's personal hell every time you start thinking you know where the movie is headed. And at barely 80 minutes long, it's worth sticking around to see just what those crazy directions are.

On the red carpet for last night's premiere, as you'll see below, the cast and crew looked as excited to be there as fans normally do, taking pictures of each other on the carpet while we took pictures of them too. After a screening that was packed with laughs-- including plenty from Fogler, who sat two seats away from me-- the whole group stepped onstage for a Q&A. Fogler was the master of ceremonies, belying his Broadway back story (he's won a Tony!) by cracking jokes and looking totally natural onstage, telling anecdotes about crew members accidentally caught on-camera being turned into ghosts in post-production, and basing the killer's signature laugh on the actual laugh of one of the main characters.

Below check out a gallery of photos from the Hysterical Psycho, featuring the entire cast and director Fogler. Later we'll have our exclusive video with Fogler, including his thoughts on the poor performance of Fanboys and his upcoming plans to play Alfred Hitchcock. Also check out the trailer here, just to give you a much better idea of the insanity that awaits in Hysterical Psycho.

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