Though he didn't win the award season buzz of his co-stars George Clooney and Shailene Woodley, ingendude Nick Krause offered a memorable turn and proved a capable scene-stealer as Woodley's onscreen beau, an oblivious surfer who gets punched out by the film's fiery grandfather, Robert Forster. Krause took his licks and is now getting a shot to headline a drama of his own as THR announces he's signed on to star in Tim McCann's soon-to-shoot indie White Rabbit.

The film penned by Anthony Di Pietro centers on the mental deterioration of a bullied teen boy (Krause) who begins suffer hallucinations about the white rabbit that he killed when he was younger, as well as a menageries of other menacing characters, who coach him toward insanity and deadly revenge. The twisted fantasy elements of this demented drama are sure to draw comparisons to another bunny-centered drama, the cult classic Donnie Darko, which could be a blessing and a curse. The downside will be Darko fans decrying White Rabbit as soon as they catch word of it, but the benefit of this is that it's title will get web traction.

Also sure to draw attention to White Rabbit is TV star Sam Trammell, who plays the tousled-haired shapeshifter Sam Merlotte on HBO's True Blood. He's committed to play the tormented teen's father, which character-wise could go either way as even on his supporting role on True Blood Trammell has shown a skill for alternately playing sweet and dangerous. Regardless, Trammell will be tramping on some familiar terrain, as White Rabbit shoots in New Orleans, Louisiana—not far from True Bloods's stomping ground—at the end of July.

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