Comic Con Bits: The Walking Dead, Django Unchained, Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles And More!

It was Comic Con Day One and Sean, Eric, Jesse and Kelly took to the real work for Team CinemaBlend. Me? Seeing how this is my first Con experience, I didn't know what to expect with my wide open schedule.

For people that haven't been to Comic Con but know it's the place where movie and TV news breaks, the Con probably feels like a hotel full of ballrooms with a bunch of sweaty nerds and journalists, fresh off a 5 hour line. And that Con certainly exists. BUT - Comic Con is primarily a place where products like films, television shows and comic books can directly interact with their audience, and this takes the form of displays, games, giveaways and interactivity.

That's what I did.


It was cool enough to have it's own damn post. HERE!

Kid Robot Booth

The Futurama HypnoToad is sold out, I hang my head and walk slowly away. Someone takes my picture thinking I'm cosplaying Charlie Brown.

Walking Dead Picture Station

The longest interior Hall H line is the one for the Walking Dead picture station. You can get a chain put around your neck and become one of Michonne's pets. To make this stunning display, a head cast was taken of actress Danai Gurira to make a silicone head that is very lifelike. Stand in line long enough, you too can be a zombie pet.

Falling Skies Picture Station

I actually watch TNT's Falling Skies which is why this station puzzled me, because they technically haven't aired the thing their photo booth represents. In the first season it was revealed that the invading aliens were stealing our children and putting them in bio-mechanical "harnesses" that were on their spine in order to use mind control on them. What I got harnessed with was not bio-mechanical. It looked like a Face Hugger was suspended above my head. So I guess we're going to learn more about the alien nature of these harnesses in the future. They were showing footage of Maxim Knight (who plays the youngest Mason child) an it looked like he was resisting a harness. WHAT?!?!!?

Django Unchained

I ran out of cigarettes (I know, I'm killing myself), so I had to go buy new ones. I walked to the nearest CVS and ended up in a line behind people buying dozens upon dozens of waterbottles. The guy who was paying was wearing a red shirt with the silhouette of a cowboy wearing a bandanna made of chains. I tapped him on the shoulder and said: "The D is Silent." He smiled and gave me this coin as party of a viral event for Django Unchained:

So off I went to Petco Park, on the other side of the stadium that is housing the Walking Dead ESCAPE! obstacle course (tix to run are sold out, I might try to get in to the spectator deck later in the week to see what's up) where I found a BRIGHT RED western-style village. They were giving away free Red Bull, which meant even if I hadn't found a coin I'd be there (and I will be there again and again. Red Bull ain't cheap!).

Like all things Red Bull, the Django town is set up to chill and listen to the smooth beats of a DJ. Or take some time out to play Red Dead Redemption. Or get yourself a Django poster. If you're in San Diego, come stop by. Hey. Free Red Bull.

Norton Anti-Virus Avengers Photo Booth

Get your picture taken with The Avengers! Or at least green screened into a picture of The Avengers. There was a bit of a line, and I would have felt bad going all by my lonesome. If you're at con, look for my random: "Meet me at the Norton truck in 40 mins so we can take a group picture, followers" tweet.

Turtles VS Foot

Walking into Django Town I was accosted by a small, blonde teenage girl wearing a green shirt and a green hat. Seeing as how I'm usually the accoster not the accosstee, I took what she was trying to hand me. It was a turtle shell sticker. You see, Nickelodeon is re-launching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a cartoon show, and this was some sort of mobile game.

I looked at what she handed me some more: Turtles Vs Foot! Choose a side! By this point she'd moved on, so I tracked her down: "Excuse me, this says I have a choice?"

A large male teenager in a black shirt and black hat stepped up behind her. "Yo, you wanna be in The Foot?" he asked. "I just would like to have a choice," I answered. He gave me his sticker too.

Inside Petco Park there was what appeared as a food truck with Turtles VS. Foot on it. It encouraged me to go to Turtles Vs on my mobile phone. I did and it asked me what side I'd like to choose. SO HERE IS THE CHOICE! BRILLIANT! I selected The Foot (screw the Turtles, aren't they aliens now?) and tweeted my allegiance to Shredder. Showing that tweet to the person in the booth/truck, I was presented with my very own Foot Clan hat. Awesome swag. I'll get you, Turtles.

Hey! There's a Zombie

Thanks to walking dead and everyone loving zombies, sometimes you just run across a caged zombie. It happens. This particular one was promoting the Walking Dead ESCAPE! I just like it because it's a guy in a cage and that's his job. I'm not sure if I want that job or would loathe that job, but I'm happy it exits.

True Blood Blood Donation

It seems like the San Diego Blood Bank is winning, because they have awesome True Blood blood donor t-shirts. Too bad the wait is approximately 2 hours. Also, I have TONS of VD. Tons. Maybe I'll try to steal a shirt of someone.