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Katherine Heigl has officially been typecast as an uptight bitch. I guess it works. Her next movie is all about how she’s so uptight and easily offended by everything men do that she can’t get them to date her. She probably should just give it up and go lesbian or drown herself in cats, but in the new trailer for The Ugly Truth she takes door number three and puts herself in the hands of Gerard Butler.

Butler plays a plainspoken, man’s man who says what he wants and does what he wants, women be damned. Heigl hates his honesty, but puts up with it long enough for him to play Cyrano and tell her what to say on dates.

It's my firm belief that every time Katherine Heigl does a movie, GLAD gains a dozen new member. She clenches her buttocks, acts offended and whines about men not behaving as she wants them to, and a dozen hetero dudes instantly switch teams. It’s not a choice mind you, it’s more of a defense mechanism. What better way to protect yourself from a judgemental, humorless succubus? .

Enjoy the latest trailer for The Ugly Truth. Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s all the club music. Or maybe it’s Gerard Butler, who suddenly seems very attractive. Hey good lookin’!