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George Lucas has finally seen the light. The original, unaltered, Han shoots first versions of Star Wars Episodes IV – VI are coming to DVD!

That's right, he's giving in and giving us what we want. After years of insisting that those good version of the movies we all love would never again see the light of day, Lucas is handing them over. Fox says it's because of "overwhelming demand". But the demand has been overwhelming for at least a decade, and they haven't budged until now. Is it because he's already squeezed all the money he can out of the altered versions, or is he motivated by something happier? We'll never know, and frankly who cares. I've already thrown my altered versions in the trash in anticipation.

On September 12th, Fox will release new two-disc editions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi as they first appeared in their original theatrical run. But, you'd better buy them fast. In a move designed to get as much money from crazy Star Wars nerds as fast as possible, they'll pull the DVDs back off the shelves on December 30th. It's a strategy Disney uses on a lot of their classic films. It works well for them, why not Star Wars? We're lucky to be getting them at all.

The two-disc sets will contain two versions of the film. The originals we all want, and the 2004 digitally remastered version we don't. The bad thing here is that this might mean they aren't going to bother cleaning up or restoring those originals, since the 2004 version is the spruced up version of record. To George, the digitally altered and destroyed versions are still all that matters.

Unless you're lucky enough to have one of those old laser disc editions or a worn out VHS tape, for most of us it's been a long time since we've seen the originals. Here's some of what you've been missing: Han shoots first. Less ice creature in Empire. Sebastian Shaw gets back his eyebrows and appears as Anakin in the closing scene of Jedi. Also restored to their original glory: all the effects the way they were originally conceived. No CGI super-lizards, no super-fantastic explosions. Just Star Wars. Nothing but Star Wars.